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is the first radio to apply DANCE LAUGH THERAPY throughout its  programming 24/7

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What a laugh do much good for your health is the official worldwide. Numerous clinical studies have shown that an optimistic attitude towards life and have fun, aid the healing process for many diseases and moods. Also with regard to the approach to a disease so widespread and complex as depression are more frequent testimonies from doctors and patients that describe how the use of irony aid to cope better with the disease and at the same time helps to instill confidence in people.

Laughter involves all parts of the body. Laughing stimulates the increase of beta-endorphin (physiological substances which have the same effect on the organism of opiates) on the part of the brain and cortisol (hormone that regulates the stress response) by means of the adrenal glands, generating a feeling of well-being and absence of pain. The heart and laughing breathing accelerate the rhythm, blood pressure decreases and the muscles relax. The more explosive and spontaneous laughter is the more there is a general power failure that manifests as a feeling of liberation that involves all the organs and bodily functions that are settled and even blood chemistry changes.
The dance acts on the circulatory system, muscle and especially on the immune via neuroendocrine joints that connect the brain to the lymphocytes (blood cells that are responsible to react specifically against any outside agency, or antigen), stimulate production.
Body and mind are two worlds linked together, but they are two parts in constant mutual influence, is a single package the man in his psycho-somatic unity. It is now proven that the dance combined with good humor and confidence strengthens the body by increasing the immune system, fight depressive states and promote the fight and healing of diseases and their exacerbation.

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